Case Studies & Reports

After 10 years operating the AIS Integrated Community Development Program in Bawal, Haryana, both AIS and their program partner, Youthreach wanted to better understand the impact of their outreach. They commissioned Grameen Foundation India to undertake a cross-sectional study on the changes in the lives of their beneficiaries, using the PPI to correlate the data with poverty-level segmentation.

This report uses PPI data from two MFIs in the Philippines to explore what types of poverty movement analyses can be carried out with multiple years of PPI data and what implications can be drawn from such analyses.

This publication lists the organizations that have reported that they are using the Progress out of Poverty Index® (PPI®), identifies trends among those organizations in terms of their missions and locations, and provides short case studies on a small number of such organizations. Its purpose is to commend the organizations that are using the PPI for their commitment to social performance management. This report may also serve advocates of social performance management by illustrating how poverty measurement with the PPI has been received around the world.

Chirag is a rural development organisation based in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand in India. This case study explores how Chirag used the PPI to gather absolute poverty data to supplement the relative poverty data it was collecting via other means. 

This report summarizes studies on the accuracy of the PPI when delivered via SMS or at a central location that is not the client's home.