Training and Support Services

Training and support services may be the fastest way to build your organization’s capacity to use the PPI, get buy-in from senior leaders, and overcome challenges that are unique to your context.

IPA informally partners with organizations that provide PPI training and technical assistance to PPI users. Grameen Foundation India's Client Insights & Social Performance (CISP) team provides solutions for supporting poverty measurement. Using the PPI and other well tested socio-economic indicators, they can assist in the creation of reports and dashboards that are able to inform pro poor enterprises about prevalence of poverty, correlation with other aspects of a client’s ecosystem and changes in poverty levels over time. The CISP team also assists in institutionalizing the PPI, enabling organizations with the systems and processes for collecting and reporting poverty data on a longitudinal basis. Contact Devahuti Choudhury at for more information.

The trainer registry lists PPI training providers who are not affiliated with or employed by the PPI team at IPA. All trainers must pass a knowledge test to be listed on the registry.

Active PPI users that meet the Basic or Advanced Standards of Use may apply for a PPI Certification via a participating certification provider. A PPI Certification ensures that an organization’s PPI data is reliable and accurate, which builds trust between management and stakeholders.